Software Testing: The Basics of the Trade
by Gaia Asher, ISBN-13: 978-0-9770364-0-0, ISBN 0-9770364-0-5

Learn the Trade of Software Testing

Software Testing: The Basics of the Trade
by Gaia Asher
175 pages; paperback; format 5.5"x8.5"; $23.97 US, Galiel.Net, 2005,
ISBN-13: 978-0-9770364-0-0, ISBN-10 0-9770364-0-5

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In many companies, software testers are simply considered software developers with a lower pay. However, that’s not the case. While it is true that software testing involves a lot of programming, it also requires a significantly different mind set and skills. Let’s illustrate this with a story:

Dark Ages. First, the developer arrives at the site and starts to plan the castle. He thinks, “Let’s put it on top of that hill, it’s the highest and provides a good, defendable position. It will also border with a river and so the defenders will always have water. Walls? Five meters thick and enforced concrete should do the trick. Gates… steel, half a meter thick. Good.”

Then the test team arrives on horses in a full armor, and the test lead starts to look at the castle. His thoughts are a bit different, “Ok, the position is strong, cannot take it over with a direct attack. What about the tower? Ladders will not work, too tall… May be walls? Enforced concrete, five meters thick, cannot use a ram. No, no weakness here. Gates… hm-m-m… Steel, half a meter thick, cannot break through. By the way, did they lock them?”

This book is devoted to software testing as a trade, something that people do for a living. And the primary thing that separates the trade and the art is that you cannot limit yourself to a single technique, area, or dimension of your trade. Van Gogh could paint some of his pictures in blue. It was later called a “blue period” and these pictures are in the best museums of the world, because it was art. Software testers have to use all of the spectrum and keep in mind all the dimensions of software testing, because it’s their trade.

A complete up-to-date picture of the dimensions of software testing is what this book is about.

Is this book right for you?

From the author:

Got an interview for a software tester or software design engineer in test (SDET) position? Read this book and go for the kill.

Got a phone interview for a software tester or SDET position? Print the table of contents available here for free, and use it as a plan and reference. You'll be back ordering soon.

Got a software tester position? Read this book to keep it.

Got a software project to manage with the testing outsourced to India? Read this book to know whether they do it right or screw  you and themselves over.

Have a test team in India to sell their services in the United States? The link for bulk orders is below.

Still in college? Do you take a course on software design and development? Do you have a test for it?

New to the software development? Fresh from college? Read this book to learn what you are missing (unless you read it in the college).

Have 20 years of experience in the software industry as I do? Know it all and observed software testing growing from Glen Myer's "The Art of Software Testing" to its modern state? Read this book anyway. You'll enjoy it a lot. And you'll be able to fully appreciate it.

Am I bragging? Yes. You would be too, if you wrote such a good book.

Who is this book for?

Software testers, developers, Computer Science and Information Technology students, software project managers.

What does this book cover?

Complete dimensions of the software testing including different aspects of any software project that needs testing throughout different phases of the software development lifecycle, how to do that, and common pitfalls.

What do you need to know?

Generic understanding of programming in any language will be helpful.

What to read next?

An extensive bibliography is provided in the end of the book.

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Software Testing: The Basics of the Trade
by Gaia Asher
175 pages; paperback; $23.97 US, Galiel.Net, 2005,
ISBN-13: 978-0-9770364-0-0, ISBN-10 0-9770364-0-5