HowTo's for Web development

Yes, it's simple. Sometimes, it's even stupid. But it's nice to have a hint sometimes. I never had a need to connect Java and Javascript. In fact I would consider it a poor practice for several reasons. But once my boss asked me if I can do that. Well, I can. It took almost an hour to figure it out and here we are. By the way, since that time I didn't need this trick anymore. And my boss wanted to connect FAT Java client to SAP generated HTML page (as I said, not quite clever task, if you understand what I mean here, as Winnie-the-Pooh would say, but anyway...) In design I am a strong beleiver in the KISS Principle - "Keep It Simple, Stupid!". Even not to mention, it reminds something pleasant, most importantly, it keeps your design out of trouble even after implementation (and because my designs often go into implementation and use, that's important for me). But sometimes you need a little trick or two just to avoid worser complexities.

So I started this collection of Web-design hints. Maybe somebody will be able to use it in a good fashion or it will save a time for somebody?