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If you want to place one of these applets on your site, download it from here, put it on your web site, and insert the following code into your HTML page:

<applet code="name-of-the-applet.class" align="baseline" width="170" height="70"></applet>

Notice that name-of-the-applet should be replaced with actual applet name, you get, for example "HRSurvey.class". It is important that you keep capital and small letters like they are here. So "HRSurvey.class" must start from capital "HRS" both in file and in HTML. If your system based on Linux it is not a problem (this system is Linux), if you use Windows NT, well, be careful about that. This is requirement of Java, which is case-sensitive language, and so it will not accept HRSurvey class from hrsurvey.class file.

You are authorised to use one or more of these applets (hereandafter Component) for free on your site provided that:
  1. You don't reengineer, disassemble, hack or otherwise modify Component.
  2. You don't remove or modify copyright notice and reference to the page, where Component can be obtained.
  3. Component provided "AS IS" without any explicit or implicit warranty that it is free of bugs, fits it's particular purpose, or does fit any purpose whatsoever.
  4. Use of Component is completely your responsibility. In no circumstances Galiel.net, it's founders, officers, employees, or affiliates can be held responisible for consequences of your use of Component.
  5. And sorry, no support. If you don't like it, don't use it.
By downloading Component you accept the terms above, so to download Component click