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> - 20 MB

> offers free unlimted web space for members, free e-mail and more if you want to have online store.

My Free Office offers free unlimited webspace, free webhosting, 2 e-mail accounts... Partner of ("You surf we pay").

Homestead gives you free web site for business, hobbies, chats, clubs... 16 MB of space, e-mail, statistics. Great service!

Free Sites Network offers subdomain "", unlimited space, free e-mail and much more - free.

MySiteInc offers 2 MB of space and domain name "" and ability to earn cash.

CrossWinds offers unlimited web space, free business webhosting, free e-mail.

Acmecity offers 20 MB web space, free non-business webhosting, free e-mail.

ExPage offers 50 MB of web space, free e-mail.

DomainDLX offers 15 MB of web space, freesubdomain "Http://", free e-mail, ASP, CGI. PHP3...

Tony-Net offers 20 MB web personal space, 10 free e-mail addresses.

321Website offers 10 MB free web space, free tools, free e-mail.

Virtualave offers 20 MB free web space, free subdomain "", free business webhosting, free e-mail.

netfirms gives you 25 MB of webspace, free e-mails, free web hosting service and more.

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Free Web Space for your site: to take or not to take

1.You have free service.
2.You can to try free service of the company before to take paid service.
3.You have training with your first site and maybe you earn cash a little.
4.You have a lot of free useful resources, tools, services.
5.You have the same service as the other have for cost.
6.You have web site if you do not know HTML even.

1.You enforced to place on your pages a logo of the owner of web space, or an advertising (banners, images, sometimes part of content). If it's close to your own content it's not so bad. But else...
2.You receive e-mail with unnecessary advertising. Sometimes e-mail messages isn't via your service provider.
3.You enforced to promote products or services of someone else.
4.To take free web space you need to give out a lot of personal information. How's about privacy? Do you know who and how use this information?

You can read much more about real events in XForce but histories are about as free as paid services.

  • FreeWebSpace.Net   is guide to free web space with reviews.
  • gives free webspace review and evaluations of the all general free webspace services.
  • AlterIcon Community Center publishes the latest news about free web space providers.
  • The Free Pages Page is one of the oldest guides, tests as well as reviews free web page services.
  • describes the free web pages sevices. This guide is offering a balanced opinion of free web space servers.
  • Free Web is a searchable index of over 200 free webspace providers. Almost all providers are reviewed.
  • Free Web Hosting Top 20 - Top twenty free web space providers index with rating & links. Easy to read detailed tables with address & space offered, upload mode, advertisement, email, revenue capabilities, paid banners, CGI, SSI, FrontPage, restrictions, security and more.
  • FWPReview is The Free Webpage Provider Review was created to provide accurate and comprehensive details on all available free webspace, email, and miscellaneous service providers.
  • Netquestor Free Homepage List if a small list without descriptions of a few webspace providers. Includes a lot of places where adult sites are permitted.
  • The TANSTAAFL Principle - There's no such thing as a free lunch. Find out about the strings attached to most free webpage providers. Unfortunately, this site was defunct after September 1998, but content is still topical.
  • The Webmasters Guide to Free Homepages offers to choose a free homepage provider by domain, by amount of space, by type of ads, etc. A great resource for anyone looking for a free web page service. Site contains list of 36 free web space sevices.
  • Free Services

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    Free Web Space - 407 free web space providers (20 MB) (50 MB)
    XOOM (9 million members, unlimited space) - 100 MB (unlimited space)
    Yahoo!GeoCities (15 MB, 5 million members)
    Tripod (11 MB, 4 million members) (12 MB space) (6 MB)
    Virtual Avenue (20 MB) (35 MB for small business, support)
    Angelfire(5 million members,up to 30 MB)