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New Technologies

Technology Revolution changes the World around. Who could image some years ago that
1.E-Tailers will concure in the Web?
2.Banks and brokers, stores and museums, universities and libraries, doctors and lawyers become online?
3.We'll pay taxes online?
4.There are 1GHz chips?
5.We'll send and receive fax messages via Web?
6.We'll select a job, a mortgage, a home, a car via Web?
7.We'll play multiplayer games with opponents from all over the world?
But it's only a childhood of the Internet.

Internet2: 170 Universities are working with industry partners and government to develop and to deploy advanced web applications that allow people to collaborate and access information in new ways what are impossible in today's Internet. New capability will multicasting (Threads).

Fundamental to the Internet2 infrastructure design is maitenance of a "common bearer service" for communication among network applications. In the existing infrastructure "the common bearer service" is the Internet Protocol IP4, Internet2 will deploy IPv6.

Next Generation Internet (NGI): this Iniciative is a multi-agency Federal research & development program. It's developing advanced networking technologies, applications and it's executing them in 100-1000 times faster end-to-end than today's Internet. Today's goal is easy access to computer/information for all people. Potential NGI Applications are real-time telemedicine, medical reference libraries, distance education and researches, simulation of Hexapod Mashines, advanced weather forecasting.

High speed (at least 80 megabits/sec) of data transmission may be achived with the bandwith technologies of fiber optics, orbital technologies and cable modem - all linked to the Internet.

The leading technologies in fiber optic are
Wavelengh Division Multiplexing (WDM),
Dense Wavelengh Division Multiplexing (DWDM)

Short Review of the Day: FMD (fluorescent multiplayer disc)


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