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Internet Advertising Agencies

Ad Force hits 450 Million Ads per Day and is providing a centralized ad management service for both online publishers and ad agencies. It has own ad management technology.
Engage combines advertising opportunities of AdSmart and AdKnowledge and targeting techniques of Flycast and
DoubleClick delivers over 30 billion ads every month. Network site has to generate at least 1,000,000 impressions per month.
AdIntelligence is the European independence force in Online Advertising. It has know-how software for online media buyers and online media sellers.
combines advertising opportunities of AdSmart and AdKnowledge and targeting techniques of Flycast and

Affiliatewave (Technosurf) - Click Network.

AdSmart provides highly targeted advertising, ad placement in 400 targeted audience groups. A minimum of 2.5 M views is required for web publisher's site to enter.

WebSponsors - Advertising Network that contains more than 8500 sites.

Commission Junction is not software-based affiliate auditing but web-based application services provider (EnContext). There are many programs for affiliates.

Direct Leads Network is more than 4000 partners. Requirement for affiliate agreement: your site must receive more than 3000 unic page views per month, must not be 'point, lottery or rewards' based encouraging users to click on advertising banner, without adult content. ...

adClix - Internet Advertising Network pays $0.16 for click on their banners and 10% revenues of webmasters who join the adClix Network via Affiliate banners from your website.

Large Internet Ad Agencies:
Link Pay per ... Size of network Comments
ClickSales min $0.03/click through your site 600.000 impressions/day

programs pay per downloads and per signup

ClickAgents $0.10/click, $1/CPM 3500 sites

Value Click

$0.12-$0.25/click, $0.01/referral

25% US-based Internet population

No free hosted sites

Glick2Net $0.06-$0.10 N/A N/A

Safe Audit $0.05-$0.30/clickthrough, $4 CPM, $50 CPL 40.000 $4 CPM, $50 CPL (ex-Teknosurf) $0.01/click, $2/lead, $5/referral 4000 sites New program - pay per subscriber
DirectLeads $0.02/click, many programs over 4000 sites, over 1M clicks/mo You need to have 3000 unique visitors/mo $0.20 100M banner views/mo -
Lycos Traffic Affiliate Program $0.02-$0.03/click-through 7M visits/day -
Aaddzz Brokers $0.01-$0.99 N/A No sites with traffic lower 500/day, no adult, warez...
Ad Club Networks $0.10/click About 1500 newspapers in the US and Internet Ad No sites with traffic less than 5000/mo
Burst $0.35/click, $3/CPM 3000+ sites No any illegal sites, no sites with traffic less than 5000 page views/mo
Banner Brockers Network $0.10/click About 1500 sites and 600M ads/mo No sites with traffic less than 5000/mo
Banner Media $0.04/click + $8/CPM NA No sites with traffic less than 10000/day, no adult...
Banner Pool Networks $0.06-$0.14/click, $0.25/unique visitor N/A No traffic restrictions, no all illegal sites

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