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Free Banner Creation Services
> - flash - technology for creating interactive banners

> Animation Online - if you need fast animated free banner; banner placement $19.95/mo.


>Banner Box Free Banners for your site (your name, your text...).

> Interart Design offers free and paid banners

> Object Dancer for Mac - online tool for creating of animated banners

> Box Top Software offers great tools for compressing JPEG images...

> The Banner Generator is a free online service to let create graphical banners for your web-pages.

> Xara offers many tools for creating of the animated graphics.

> offers QuickBanner creation tool, online, free: you create own banners and icons from templates with your text.

> Dabnet Designs offers free banners and more.

> MediaBuilder offers to use Animated Banner Maker Online, free. They don't ask to put a link to them on your site.

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Banner Exchanges

To create excellent web site and to place it on the fast and reliable server is one part of the e-business. The second one is to promote it. One of the main facility for promotion is banner ads.
Internet Advertising Bureau and CASIE (The Coalition for Advertising Supported Information & Entertainment) created the recommendations for standard sizes of banners:

Sizes(pixels): Type:
468 x 60 Full Banner
392 x 72 Full banner with Vertical Navigation Bar
234 x 60 Half Banner
125 x 125 Square Banner
120 x 90 Button #1
120 x60 Button #2
88 x 31 Micro Button
120 x 240 Vertical Banner
Banner exchanges require restriction of size of full banner in 10-15 Kb.
You can use banner exchange services, reciprocal links and paid impressions.

Link Exhange Ratio Banner Sizes Comments
E-Commerce Banner Exchange 3:2 and 1:1 (if you place on the main page) 480 x 60, less then 12K

- 1:1 468 x 60 No any illegal content or activity sires
LinkBuddies 1:1 468 x 60, less than 10K No any illegal content or activity sites
LinkExchange 2:1 468 x 60, less than 10K No any illegal content or activity sites
Click Thru Network 1:1 468 x 60 Based on visitors
HitExchange 5:4, 3:2, 1:1 468 x 60, 400 x 40 Based on clicks 1:1 468 x 60 No any illegal content or activity sites

Software HyperBanner


468 x 60

No free hosted sites

And so on. The largest detail list of the banner and button exchanges you find in
I propose to think about the next: Is it profitable for you to enter in not 1:1 Ratio banner exchanges? A ratio 2:1, 3:1 ... means you present to banner exchange 1/2, 2/3,... your own visitors. For what? Do you think banner exchange with 200.000 members have 200.000 great sites? Why you agree to show their banners more often than they show your ones? It's the business, not charity.

If you focus on one item and one market (that's right) maybe you not need in casual visitors. You need "right clicks", buyers for your item. Put simple you need to cover your target market.
There are banner exchanges for some markets: financial (PureLinks and FAT), entertainment (Disney Banner Network), E-Commerce (Health HyperBanner) and others.

Banner Exchanges are more effective when your site has a traffic indeed. The more banners are shown in your pages the more your banners are shown. And you need use only a targeting scheme. You could use ad place for paid ads.

It's useful to reduce banner's size before send it to banner exchange:

UsWest offers to use free online GifWizard to reduce GIF's and JPEG's sizes up to 90%.

>MetaCreations offers Headline Studio designed for animated banner creation, with free trial download

> offers freeware JpegAnim - animator of JPEG images.

>Totallyhip offers Interactive QuickTime Media tools.

> MediaBuilder offers to use Animated Banner Maker Online, free. They don't ask to put a link to them on your site.

> Creative Connectivity offers to use free online Banner Creator.

> offers Animato - animation software with free trial download.

Free Services

Ecard - Private Offers Group

What is...?(Terminology)

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AdCentral is the mediator between advertisers and Web publishers.
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