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Privacy Policy, 2000


E-mail Ads

E-mail Advertising is a fast-growing market.
eMarketer names Email Marketing "the Next Big Thing" and learnes that email marketing will grow from 3% of total web advertising dollars in 1999 to 15% in 2003.
Every from over 90 million people in the US has email box, most of people have some boxes. How to send them your ad and don't send spam in the same time?
How to get permission to send personal e-mail? There are many ways to make it.
1.You may to use mailing lists what deliver right message to right people and a permission-based E-mail marketing programs.
Advantage e-mail ads is a cheap cost ($0-$0.30 per name) and high targeting. So you have the case to test your "tactics". This is simple fun: many people invent their little ad tricks then call them "new killer tactic" and try to became famous with it. Well, good luck!
2.You can create with eGroups any kind of a discussion group and send e-mail, and receive too. This is the great way to research opinions, to exchange of an ideas - and to promote your business.

3.You create in your site gaming part and request to enter is to fill form with personal information. Then you sort database with this information and you are ready to targeted distribution.
4.You begin Pay-per-Read E-mail affiliate program - and you have thousands e-mail addresses. You announce you provide for Direct e-mail ads. Difference between money what you receive and money what you pay is yours.

5.If anywho subscribes to "News" or ezine in your site you can send newsletter with ads daily and to subscribe this person at one to other Opt-out mailing list.
6.All what you think out. The main goal is to force to subscribe, how - it's your way.
We saw many newsletters are trying to force to subscribe. You can see template of the typical newsletter or one of examples.
The next goal is to force don't unsubscribe. Save your subscribers!
It looks like that Direct E-mail Ad is becoming the next "hot marketing trick" as some time ago Direct Mail and Banners.
Be ware: some spammers use submitting in a their "directories" (example: links2you) and free-for-all links!

Opt-in lists vs. Opt-out lists. Opt-in e-mail list is when subscription on this list begins from selection what namely the potential subscriber want to receive. Opt-out list will send to subscriber all content but gives to subscribers the ability unsubscribe in any time.

In e-mail ads term CTR (click-thru-ratio) is using too (average CTR in e-mail advertising is about 15%).
Text flags are bits of your message with a resume or a key phrase of all letter and link with your URL (Click here for more or anything else).
Ezines are electronic magazines. There are thousands of ezines in the Web.
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Spamedi's - one of the best sites about Spam
PostMaster Direct - Opt-in Announsment Lists
Liszt - directory of 90.000+ mailing lists
Majordomo - software to create own list
Listserv - software to create own list
Listbot - service for support your list of subscription
E-mail Basics
Topica - The Email List Owner and Ezine Publisher Resource Network
Commtouch is one of the leaders in permission-based e-mail marketing service - Email Newsletter Directory - Daily Tips, Reviews and Resources for Email Newsletter Publishers
E-Zine AdSource Directory - List of 460 E-Zines, 80 Categories
eYes Mail- a free directory of Opt-in newsletters, add your ezine