Design mistakes

1.Bright Marquees, constantly running large Animations.
2.Dark background color and small font.
3.Bad navigation support.
4.Pages download time is more than 1/2 minute.
5.Dead links.
6.Too many sub-directories.
7.Your pages are more "cool" than "user-friendly".
8.URL is non-memorizable, or it hasn't associate with content.
9.Page is long-scrolling but there's no page navigation.
10.You use frames but there is no "alt" for browser what's
not frame-enabled.

Promotion mistakes

1.You don't know your target market.
2.You don't explain why customer has to buy in your site.
3.Price is too high or too low.
4.You sell (or barter) your ad space unprofitable.
5.You use insecure software.
6.You have unreliable partners.
7.You waste time and/or money to "gurus" courses or newsletters.
8.You don't track your advertising results and don't know what works and what is not.
9.You don't update your site.
10.Your site is boring.