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Privacy Policy, 2000

Promotion of your site

Promotion. Art of survival and science to earn.

We'll NOT give you access to "secret" articles, books, forums where people talk too much about themselves and rarely talk about useful ideas.
We'll NOT give you "killer tactics" and dreams about easy money.
We'll NOT give you a files with 1 million e-mail addresses you can spam and be damned in return.
We'll NOT give you a references on 7,000 media contacts that don't match your target market.
We'll NOT give you nothing about dirty tricks.

But we'll try to help you to avoid mistakes and to use advantages.

Promotion of the web site has 3 main goals:
1.To engage in your site visitors.
2.To find in the Web buyers of your products or services.
3.To improve image of your company and your products.

You need to know and to use all tools existing for it:

Search Engines

Banner Exchanges

Affiliate Programs


E-mail Ads and Ezines

Ad Agencies

P.S. One of the main principles of this site is:
"No odd words!"

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