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Search Engines

Every Search Engine contains 3 main parts:
1. Spider (or Bot, or Crawler, or Robot) is the program that visits web pages, indexes their content and follows to links founded in this page. It returns after some time (for example, 15 days) to this page and indexes it once more.
2. All text founded by Spyder placed in Index of the search engine.
3. Third part is the program Search in Index what on request of user sorts documents in indexes and distribute documents to user in order of the relevancy.
The largest search engines are Yahoo, AOL, MSN and Fast Search.
Directories are any way to be seen for a multiple people. They have no program for web surfing and placing in index and you need to send information about your site. Then moderators of this directories place your description and keywords in catalog. The registration is usual during 2-4 weeks but search in the catalogs gives more relevant results. The largest directories are Yahoo and Open Directory.

Some search engines and portals have catalog or directory component or partner (Excite, Infoseek). For best viewing by both search engines and catalogs you need to have metatags in every page of your site. We're glad to help you with our MetaTag Generator.

You'll find specific information how to submit in the largest search engines and catalogs in Search Engine Tips and Search Engine Submission Tips.
You'll discuss it on Search Engine and Search Engine Forums.

The Web Robots FAQ explains many details about Web Robots and shows the list of active robots.

Search Engines Statistics and Comparison you'll find on Search Engine Showdown (The User's Guide to Web Searching).

Submit to the Top Dozen:

  • Fast Search
  • Nothern Light
  • What-U-Seek
  • Lycos
  • Alta Vista
  • AOL NetFind
  • Excite
  • HotBot
  • Infoseek (Go Network)
  • Yahoo
  • MSN
  • WebCrawler
  • Researches have shown that the twelve largest sites are responsible for over 95% of all Internet search traffic. What does this mean to you? It means quite simply that submitting to hundreds or thousands of search engines is a complete waste of time. If you really want to waste your time submitting to all these search engines, you can go to computer store (Tucows, for example) and buy software that will do the exact same thing that submission companies do. In about an hour or so, you can have your site submitted to 1,500 search engines. Don't hold your breath waiting for traffic though, because it's not going to happen with this method. Why not? The search engines are overloaded with submissions. Experts (Cyveillance) estimate that there are now over 2100 million pages on the Web, yet the largest search engine databases only have about 250 million pages in their indexes. What does this mean? It means that most submissions are ignored and those that are accepted will probably not end up anywhere near the top. There are over a million companies with Web sites and every one of them wants to be at the top of the search engine rankings for their particular categories and keywords. Obviously not every company can be at the top. It takes skill, knowledge and a lot of hard work to achieve top search engine rankings. You can submit your site all day long, and at the end of the day, week, or month, you'll be nearly where you started. Why do YOU need top search engine ranking? Because if every who goes to search with the search engine on your keywords and doesn't see your URL in some first pages then he or she doesn't see your URL at all. Check it - try to search anything!

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    Free Top Ten Search Engine Subission, 2000

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