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Top Position in the SE

Getting high rankings in the largest search engines means more traffic fore your site. But if you check position of your page (or pages) in the largest search engines on your keywords then often you see your URL in the bottom of the list. (We recommend check your web position with 1 Place Ranking Position Analysis service).
How to reach top 20-25 positions in the main search engines?

The first, your pages must be "search-friendly", that means you need right description, right keywords and other metatags. Please use our Metatag Generator if your pages have not them yet.
Then you need download WebPosition Gold Software : Page Critic, Reporter and Traffic Analyzer are really useful tools.

The painful question is: how long is a search engine indexing your site. Data concerned with it you can see here. You can use this table to remind yourself to submit in the SE once more. There is a huge demand for indexing in the search engines and some of them try to take money for indexing of sites. They name it "Express-Index" or "Pay-per-Ranking" or anything else but sense is the same.
Every Search Engine has own specific qualities. How to improve position in concrete search engines and what are reasons for excluding pages (not sites!) from indexes you'll find here.
Spamdexing (spam of the index of SE) isn't only attempts to submit too many pages too many times, but:
1.Invisible text with keywords or tiny text at the bottom of a page.
2.Keywords what are unrelated to the content of site.
3.Attempts to submit identical pages with different filenames.
4.Repetition of some words on a page or repetition of word in Keywords is above then average.

5.Doorways are good for Search Engines, not for directories (Yahoo, Open Project,,, SmartAge).

Doorways are special pages created to rank highly in Search Engine with your favorite keyword and link to your home page or any page of your site. When you targeted 7 keywords for 10 SE you need 70 doorways to the real content of site.
Doorways are necessary because Search Engines rank dynamically generated pages, pages with a lot of graphics, pages are running on database, pages with frames and so on very low.

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