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> offers 50+ free online certification exams!

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It's not true that you can to create web site and to work successful without any learning. There are enough problems with any software and if you haven't in the team anywho with strong skills in computer sciences you will pay for fixing of the errors. The best way is to have at least base education in HTML and other programming languages. We have refer some companies support online and computer-based education and certifications.

Brainbench (former Tekmetrics) offers a lot of courses and FREE certification exams! This is independent certification authority.

Fatbrain is the place for professionals seeking information resources: books, courses, ...
Big companies provides their customers with access to resources that related with their specific areas of interest. FatBrain has more than 2.500 computer, video and web-based classes.
SmartPlanet offers 700+ of free and paid courses not only for programmers.

ISO Family Network offers 300 online courses of CGI/Perl, C++ and many others.

MicroStrategy offers free online courses and plans to open free online university .

SmartForce (former CBT) has a lot of paid online training courses! They have big experience and all their courses are developed with the same structure.

DigitalThink offers 83 online expert-written training courses.

LearnKey - near 100 courses on CD-ROM.

Harcourt offers a lot of professional education courses and certifications.

GoCertify offers some courses and certifications. They are partners of Novell, Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft.

Sylvan Prometrics offers 70 online certification tests in many IT areas.

SmartPlanet ZDNet offers free and paid online courses.

Lists of online certifications and courses you'll find in Guide to Computer Certification and

For many companies, achieving and sustaining competitive advantage in the 21st century will be dependent upon the success of their IT initiatives. Such success, in turn, will depend upon their ability to identify, hire, train and deploy employees and contractors with the right skills for the job.

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