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Sorry, smart readers got ahead of you and we are out of print on most of the books. We are working on it.

Disinfect Your Mind

Disinfect Your Mind: Defend yourself with memetics against mass media, politicians, corporate management, your aunt’s advice, and other mind viruses
by Ely Asher, Ph.D.
195 pages; paperback; format 5.5"x8.5"; $24.97 US, Galiel.Net, 2006,
ISBN-13: 978-0-9770364-1-7, ISBN-10 0-9770364-1-3

While authorities in psychology discuss whether memetics is a science, its use by politicians, marketing departments and mass media becomes more and more ubiquitous.

Consider a computer. You can only use a word processor to edit a text. You can only use’s website to order books and merchandize. But you can use programming languages like C++ or C# to make a computer do virtually anything you want. Similarly, psychology is not enough anymore for politicians, mass media, and large businesses. Preinstalled programs in human minds, such as widely accepted social norms, habits, and prejudices, are not enough for them to exploit anymore. They want to make you do virtually anything they want you to do.

Do you want to defend yourself?


Book One of The Third Day of September Ides

The Third Day of September Ides, Book One: So, you say, we need a disaster
by Ely Asher
172 pages; paperback; format 5.5"x8.5"; $17.97 US, Galiel.Net, 2006,
ISBN-13: 978-0-9770364-2-4, ISBN-10 0-9770364-2-1

He came to rule the Empire after his father. He came at the time of unrest. A religion, which his Empire did not share, was crawling its way to the world dominance. Jews in the Middle East struggled to keep the followers of this religion at bay for years. Incidentally, a terrorist act, like the world had never seen before, happened in the largest city of the Empire. The followers of the same religion were blamed for it, and he had to see them hunted down...

No, this is not what you think. Actually, it has nothing to do with George W. Bush, Islam, and America.

 The year is AD 64. The place is Rome of the Emperor Nero. The religion is Christianity.


Learn the trade of Software Testing

Software Testing: The Basics of the Trade
by Gaia Asher
175 pages; paperback; format 5.5"x8.5"; $23.97 US, Galiel.Net, 2005,
ISBN-13: 978-0-9770364-0-0, ISBN-10 0-9770364-0-5

This book is devoted to software testing as a trade, something that people do for a living. And the primary thing that separates the trade and the art is that you cannot limit yourself to a single technique, area, or dimension of your trade. Van Gogh could paint some of his pictures in blue. It was later called a “blue period” and these pictures are in the best museums of the world, because it was art. Software testers have to use all of the spectrum and keep in mind all the dimensions of software testing, because it’s their trade.

A complete up-to-date picture of the dimensions of software testing is what this book is about.


Management for Cannibals: How to become Chief Eating Officer

Mangement for Cannibals
Survive and prosper in the corporate jungle. Learn to manage and be managed when the only alternative is being eaten.
Read press-release.

Management for Cannibals: How to become Chief Eating Officer
by Gaia & Ely Asher
159 pages; paperback; format 6"x9"; $15.95 US, published by Galiel.Net & iUniverse, August 2003
ISBN 0-595-28380-2

This book is an attempt to reconstruct the art of management based on how it existed on a certain island of cannibal tribes during the past century. As such, we have to state that any similarity between the ideas in this book and the ideas expressed in books on corporate management are purely accidental.

Readers without a sense of humor are strongly advised against reading this book. Without the protective power of humor, the reality described in this book may be so shocking and repelling, that it will induce an uncontrollable psychological rejection, resulting in blaming the authors for black-mouthing and mocking the island’s corporate culture.

A.D. 2100

Read more and buy at iUniverse, Barnes & Noble, .

Learn C#, Microsoft .Net Core Programming Language

The Dark Art of C# Programming: .Net Core Language
by Gaia Asher
196 pages; paperback; format 7"x9"; $19.95 US ($29.95 CDN)
published by Galiel.Net & Trafford Publishing, 2002
ISBN 1-55395-050-X

C# is the new programming language at the core of the Microsoft .Net initiative. If you want to be on the .Net bandwagon, you need this language.

And how can 500 letter-sized pages of official ECMA-334 Standard “C# Language Specification” fit into 200 pages of this book? Still, it’s done. This book explains the complete and unabridged C# programming language. It can be used as both a blitzkrieg course for students and a convenient reference for professionals.

Buy at Trafford, Barnes & Noble,

Reference cards


Our reference cards are designed specially to be right at hand when you need a short reminder about some keyword or other feature of the language, which is so rarely used that it is likely both the beginner and the expert will need to consult a reference from time to time.

Everything in their content and design is measured, calculated and fitted to a particular purpose - to provide the most complete and handy reference for the described language. We even print each of them on a different colored card-stock so you can easily find the necessary language in a stack of several cards.

Currently covered are:

  • HTML 3.2
  • JavaScript
  • Cascading Style Sheets Level 1
  • WML
  • C Programming Language
  • Winsock 1.1
  • XSLT
  • XPath

Read more... 
Sorry, out of print.


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