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Questions about your site

Do you want to make money on the Web? Do you have business site or you plan to have? How are your deals?
Oh, we know, we know: a big lot of crazy work, you are sitting all days to submit it in thousands of the search engines, in all newsgroups, BBS, classifieds, you enter in some banner exchanges and so on. And what? Where is high traffic? Where's the money?

Lets begin over again and you ask for yourself some questions.

1.Do you check HTML code in the your pages? If not - go on Site Improvement and check!

2.Do you have dynamic site? To make your site more dynamic you need go on Java Scripts, Perl Scripts, CGI and ASP ).

3.Do you have beautiful animated banners? For help in this problem we make page Clipart and Animation.

4.Do you have metatags in all your pages? If not, our Metatag generator helps you.

5.Do you have non-expensive site? While the site isn't "cash mashine" it can be non-expensive or free (we mean the cost of domain name registration, web hosting and web space.

6.Do you have interesting site? If you doubt then go on Site Improvement and try all tools.

E-Business is NOT lottery but the business and you have to earn. You agree it's not so clever - to spend a lot of time and money and to have nothing in exchange for.

And all laws and rules of the business are working.

Good Luck!

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