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Free Resources
> Macromedia Fireworks (free trial), Flash4 (free trial), Dreamweaver (free trial)
> Top 100 Clipart Resources
> Shockmashine (free download)
> WebGraphics Optimizer
> Talk-n-Mail ( to add animation and sound in your e-mail)
> Banner Maker, Button Maker,...
Jasc Ornamatica
> Animation Factory - thousands of animations!
> Web Graphics 3000

Free Animations

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Clipart and Animation on your site

Graphics Collections: is site with a rich free clip art downloads and links to 100 sites with multi-thousands collections of images and animations free downloads. contens tons of free graphics and links to the hundreds of other like sites.

Graphics Ring currently has 760 member sites that offer graphics, fonts, animations. They offer free web hosting service for clip-art sites and some plugins for PhotoShop. is another community of sites with collections of animations and images. But they propose use their online simple and fast tools: Animated Banner Maker, 3D Text Maker, Button Maker and it's reason because they are more interesting for us.

Software for clip-art, animation, 3D-animation:

Ulead WebRazor Pro, Gif Animator, COOL 3D, IntergraphViZfx Web, Annimation Applet, Plug-ins are great toolkits for GIF animation, 3D design, image optimization.

Jasc offers Paint Shop Pro and SPG Web Tools: Animation Shop 2.01, Image Robot amd more.

Adobe Photoshop, GoLive, Illustrator create vector graphics. Photoshop has many third-party plug-ins (or plugins?) for additional special effects.

MetaCreations has (for example) KPT Vector Effects 1.5 - plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator. MetaStream 2 is a new 3D file format co-developed by MetaCreations, Corp. and Intel, Corp., designed specifically for fast delivery and progressive display of streaming 3D objects over the Internet. With the free MetaStream plug-in, users can interact with 3D Web graphics in real time by zooming, panning or rotating objects within a Web browser.

Corel PhotoPaint is an all-world-knows publishing graphical package with a lot of plug-ins. One of the best improvements to the later versions of the CorelDRAW® suite is the ability to cut vector objects from CorelDRAW and paste them into Corel PHOTO-PAINT® so that they land as floating bitmap objects (with transparent backgrounds).

Kinetix 3d Studio MAX is a famous graphical package, use for creating of computer games (Tomb Raider) and serials ("Deep Space 9").

Macromedia Flash 4, FlashPlayer, Shockwave, FreeHand 8, Shockmashine are 3d vector-based tools and technologies for Web-animation. Now free trial download Flash is very popular for creating of banners.

Graphic Workshop -Graphic Workshop is a superlative image management package. Whether you'd like to browse your image collection and view pictures, convert between formats, print your graphics as hard copy, maintain a sophisticated keyword database, drive a scanner, decode pictures from the Internet, process and fine tune your photographs...the list of Graphic Workshop's functionality can run for pages.

ACDSee - "Attractive, effective and easy-to-use interface including toolbars, status bars and on-line help. Support for most BMP, GIF, JPEG, PCX, Photo-CD, PNG, TGA and TIFF files, rapid decoding with incremental display, fast, full-colour image previews image browser that lets you quickly explore your image collections and other files, selectable dithering modes for high quality output scroll and zoom, even while decoding innovative system for deleting, renaming, copying and moving files." Program description courtesy of Top 20 Clicked Shareware Gallery.

PixFolio - "Images that are read by PixFolio can be saved in a variety of formats, making PixFolio useful as a conversion utility. PixFolio also has a small but powerful collection of image manipulation tools including resize, crop, cut and paste to the clipboard, rotate, mirror, apply sharpening, blurring and embossed filters, dithering, and brightness/contrast adjustments." Program description courtesy of Top 20 Clicked Shareware Gallery.

L-View Pro - L-View Pro is a quality graphics editor and viewer for MS-Windows. Darn near any image format imaginable is supported. A must for your graphics toolbox.

All above is a free (or free trial download exists). Of course, there are much more on the Web as free as paid. You can find more on, A Webmaster's Virtual Bookcase, Webmasters Only Network and other directories.

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Free Animations

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