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Perl Scripts

Practical Extracting and Reporting Language (author Larry Wall) is very intuitive. and follows the expression: TIMWTODI ("There is many ways to do it"). Sun in his White Paper on Java compred Java, reproaching Perl only the lack of garbage collector.

How works Perl ? Unlikely others which interpret line after line, as good old basic, the Perl interpretor compiles the Perl scripts just to be executed, which permits two things: syntax verification, and a great execution speed. Perl is sequential and Object Oriented, so it is free to the user to make his choice. But it has in standard numerous libraries of functions which makes its portability from one OS to another extreme. It is also possible to export Perl code to C, and compile interfaces to existing libraries to use them in Perl. The other expression frequently heard about it is: pride, lazyness and impatience ! The first due to "look at what I can do in three code lines !", the second is "the three code lines" and the third is still those 3 code lines ! High level Network libraries do that it is as easy to program in Perl than in Java, associative arrays, stacks, hash tables ... all is there, and even advanced network libraries. The last version called Perl5 is available on all CPAN (Comprehencive Perl Archive Network) sites.

Perl works good with both UNIX and Linux, but works not so good on Windows NT servers. Installing Perl for NT described in details in Perl & NT
The Apache/Perl Integration Project: mod_perl gives you use advantages of Perl in Apache HTTP server. You can write Apache modules and parts of the files of configuration entirely in Perl, insert Perl code in web pages,... It gives you more dynamic pages.

There are a lot of public libraries of Perl Scripts (the main one is CPAN) and often there is no necessary for writing own scripts.

Web Scripts Collections:

Darryl C.Burgdorf's WebScripts is a small, but "the best documented and easiest to implement collection of Perl CGI Scripts". It contents all popular CGI scripts (WebSearch, Log Tools, WebHints, WebBBS, WebAdverts...). All it is freeware.

Perl Code Editor of is free for downloads. contents 1165 free CGI Scripts of all main categories. has a lot of really good scripts free for downloads. contains some scripts useful for web site promotion and free for downloads.

World Wide Creations contains some scripts useful for creating interactive web site, web site promotion and free for downloads.

The Official CGI Webring is a great union of 28 sites of the Perl developers with archives of thousands of CGI scripts, tutorials, installation services.

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The Official CGI Webring
CGI/Perl Cookbook
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