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CGI programs and scripts

What's a CGI program? CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface and simply put CGIs are Web Server programs. Programs that follow these rules are called CGI scripts or CGI programs and may be written on any language. Usually providers have the software for executing of Perl and C/C++ CGI scripts. When you want your web server to do a bit more than just display text and pictures then you need a CGI program. A CGI program will allow visitors to your website to interact with it, leaving details, comments, or even to order goods using their credit cards. CGIs are easy to use: they are just one small .exe program file which you create or copy into a directory on your web server (usually called cgi-bin) then all you have to do is put a 'link' into your HTML like: Click Here and the 'Click Here' part will show up as a 'clickable' link on your webpage, then when the user clicks on it the CGI program will take over, that's all there is to it! Anyone who's done just a bit of HTML can use CGI programs. If your provider does not support CGI or you don't want put your cgi-bin directory on your server you may use remotely hosted CGI scripts ( they are located on another server).

CGI program receives information from the web-brouser (filled form, for example), works with this information and sends back to the web-browser some HTML text that are displaying on the screen. Most CGI scripts are written for Unix and Linux, some - for Windows NT and Apache.

  • CGI Freebies 20 free tools including weather tickers, news tickers, wwwboards, chat rooms, etc.
  • CGI Guru for CGI and Perl Scripts CGI Guru installs CGI and Perl scripts for message bulletin boards, chat rooms, guestbooks, post cards, add links, site statistics, clocks, counters, anti spam e-mail, and many others.
  • CGI on an FTP Only Webhost Free web-book on starting a domain website on a webhost with a focus on implementing CGI when you only have ftp access.
  • CGI Programming FAQ Extensive FAQ with questions and answers related to CGI.
  • CGI Programming MetaFAQ The FAQs, all the FAQs, and nothing but the FAQs.
  • CGI Programming on the World Wide Web This book offers an explanation of CGI and related techniques. It starts at the beginning, explaining the value of CGI and how it works, then moves into the subtle details of programming. (Shishir Gundavaram / O'Reilly)
  • CGI Super Search Engine Totally CGI Resource Search engine. Find what you need, when you need it.
  • CGI-Site.Com New service that gives away free stuff for your website; counters, poll, FormMail,... NO CGI KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED!
  • CGIWrap A UNIX gateway program that allows general users to use CGI scripts and HTML forms without compromising the security of the http server.
  • Custom Perl and Javascript Scripts Web-updatable site news and web-based htpasswd / htgroup file management Perl CGI scripts.
  • EZ-Forms Automation Eforms Software & Services Eforms Solutions for Desktop, Intranet, Internet.
  • FastCGI A new, open extension to CGI that provides high performance for all Internet applications without any of the limitations of existing Web server APIs.
  • Free CGI Scripts Scripts in PERL, PHP, Java, and C++. Chat rooms, discussion forums, games, and more.
  • Free CGI Scripts from Website Reporter. You can find a couple of nice counters here, require "fly" or SSI.
  • Gossamer Threads CGI scripts, Perl programming and Internet consulting. Authors of the Links script that lets you build your own Web directory.
  • Hosted Scripts Offers 22 different free remotely hosted CGI scripts including message boards, mailing lists, form processing.
  • Imagine Software Provides programming and consulting services for CGI and Perl. Services include CGI development specifically with Perl, web scripts and web to database connectivity.
  • Kehei 401K cgi cache Apache module to cache CGI calls. Works with Apache 1.3.3 on Linux or Solaris.
  • mycgiserver Free CGI Hosting with support for Perl, PHP3 and Java (servlets).
  • NextCGI Customizable web site tools and CGI services. Free CGI/web services increase the value of your site and encourage repeat visits.
  • Membership with a ton of commercially written scripts that focus on making money. All scripts are well written and have been field tested.
  • PolyForm Web Forms Construction Kit A commercial web form processing engine on Win32 for WebSite, MS IIS, or Netscape servers. (O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.)
  • PSX - Web/Stream Macro Language Available as a plug-in to various web servers, PSX is a simplified scripting/macro language for developing interactive/data-driven web pages. It is intended for use by non-programmers.
  • Response-O-Matic Form processor for web pages. No programming and no cgi-bin access required. Free.
  • SiteGadgets Free remotely hosted message boards, guestbooks, and more.
  • Sparky's Free CGI Resources Source for common webpage cgi, plus offers business related cgi, like ad rotation, shopping cart, and credit card processing.
  • Supreme CGI Provides over 30 categories of cgi, perl scripts, cgi tutorials.
  • Weekly reviews and features, a help forum, free scripts, a script index, comprehensive tutorials, and more.
  • VerySimple Free CGI Scripts by VerySimple. FrameIt!, SimpleSubmit!, SimpleSecure!, SimpleShop!, Today! and more.
  • WDVL: CGI The WDVL section on CGI.
  • Web Search Engine Software Create your own search engine quickly and easily with Web Search.
  • WebKnowHow.Net: CGI Tutorials, scripts, articles, FAQ's and and many more CGI related resources.
  • All above is a free for all. Of course, there are much more CGI scripts and programs public libraries as The CGI Resource Index, TUCOWS and CNet.

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